Thursday, March 24, 2011

dazed and confuzed

i have been craving change to the point of tears so much lately.  the more audrey neared 1 year old, the more i just was like a thirsty person craving a drop of water.  you know how that is.... when you had something too salty for dinner and you wake up in the middle of the night DYING of thirst and go to the bathroom or kitchen and get a drink of water and... it's like you're tasting water for the first time.  water never TASTED so good before.  water has never been so satisfying and you just want to keep drinking even though your belly is now full and gurgling. 

well now i am at that same thirst point in my life, but for change.  i hate the job i have currently (even though it's a new job).  i don't like this industry and this is something i dont like, i'm not proud of, not interested in..... i mean, the list keeps going.  i've wanted to go back to school for a while for radiology.  the problem is time and money.  i want more time with audrey.  for some reason, i just MISS HER TERRIBLY moreso now than ever.  i hate being away from her. 

i am trying to source a plan of action to get some realistic goals in order.  i started with a list.  a 5 year plan if you will.  it's not like it's november and i am trying to get a ton done in a short time.  i have a lot of time left in this year and have some realistic things to get started on.

so here's hoping something good starts......soon.

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