Wednesday, September 12, 2012

massive meltdown

all in one day.... all of this life vomit in ONE day... im completely at a loss.  i blew up at the admissions department at school.  i got laughed at by my ex.  i made my roommate feel bad for me.  i let my kid see me cry and meltdown. 

the nice parts of today were plenty of sympathy and pity conversations, lots of hugs and shared chocolate milk from audrey, and some french fries for dinner.

i'm stuck.  honestly just very stuck.  i now am graduating 3 months later.  those extra 3 months i am paying for out of pocket.  apparently FA doesnt cover the school fucking up.  them cancelling a class i need and working my schedule so im screwed is apparently MY fault.  i lose my externship spot.  im doomed to a life of chaos for 3 more months. 

i want to scream and yell and hit things.  i want to cry and vomit and eat a whole cake washed down with a bottle of whiskey all at once.  but i know none of this will help.  it wont change what is.  im screwed for 3 more months.  end of story.  if i havent completely fucked everything up by telling the admissions department they are insensitive money hungry tyrants.  oops.  :)

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