Thursday, February 17, 2011

March For Dimes March For Babies

MAY 1st!!!!

I was reading my issue of Minnesota Monthly and going through all the delicious restaurants and deals and stumbled upon the March for Dimes March for Babies in May.  There's one walk in St. Paul at Harriet Island, and another in MPLS at some place not far from me.  Anyway, it kinda just struck a chord in me that this is something I want to be a part of.  I wanted to run a half marathon or something with Audrey, but this 4 mile walk means more to me.  I was very blessed and very lucky to have a very healthy pregnancy and a very healthy baby.  Granted she was jaundiced when she was born and needed a bilibed, but that was it.  There are many moms who have very TOUGH pregnancies with a LOT of complications and many babies who are born with complications, some not making it.  I can't imagine the heartache of losing a baby or having to watch your baby with tubes and wires stuck to it.  It breaks my heart.  So, I decided to try to raise some money and walk in May.  It would be super stellar if someone else wanted to walk with Audrey and I and it would be super amazing if you helped donate.  I set what I feel is a low goal because I want to take some of my tax money and throw it in there once I hit the $250.  I am looking for people who believe in helping fund this research to help babies.  ESPECIALLY if you had an easy pregnancy (aside from heartburn and swelling) and ESPECIALLY if you have a healthy baby, I really feel it is important to give back a little.  Maybe they can help find a reason or a solution to some of the issues babies are born with or some solutions to the causes.  Any amount is helpful and ANYONE that wants to walk with me and audrey is welcome.  It's May 1st, in MPLS, 4 miles, at 11am on a Saturday.
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