Monday, February 14, 2011

busy bees

a lot has been going on-  so much so that i have forgotten to write in audrey's little journal for over a month now....
she has been growing so much!  she is FAST!!  she cruises around the table, she will walk from one piece of furniture to the next, and she will hold ONE of my hands and start walking... all of this adventurous behavior has resulted in many goose eggs on the noggin, one cut, and a huge black and blue between her eyes.  she also has finally said "mama," understands when people say "hello" and "goodbye," will wave if she hears those words, is learning more motor skills, is learning to eat more finger foods, and all in all is becoming SO independent.  she is very clear about what she likes and doesn't like and will make sure everyone within a 10 mile radius knows it too!

i can't believe she is almost 1 already.  it is so alarming to me.  time has just zipped by!  i'm glad i have some good memories to share with her when she is older though.   our family has finally adopted "family saturday" which will be one saturday a month we go somewhere and do something special together as a family.  weekends are hard because one of us either works, or josh teaches jiu jitsu.  i think it is important tho that we set a date for a special family day.... i'm glad we are finally starting this month.

i am REALLY hoping to get back to school.  after talking with my therapist, i realized that i'd been aiming too low with schooling.  so... i am going to be working on going to school to be an x-ray tech or an ultrasound tech.  it is only a 2 year program which is manageable, but the problem right now is finding the time to do it... josh works 2 nights a week til 9, i work one night til 8, the one nite i come home early josh has jiu jitsu til 9 and then there is FRIDAY!  that would be my only free day at all.... so, i dunno right now.... gotta wait and see....

that's my monthly update for now.  much planning to do for audrey's birthday.  got cupcakes to make, party favors to get, balloons and decorations to get, and invitations to send out!  SUPER excited!  (mostly cos it's somewhere else and i don't have to clean it up!)

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