Monday, April 11, 2011


i was driving home and thinking (bad to multi-task while driving i know) about some things i would like to do that i haven't yet done and in some cases am quite frightened to do.  then i decided, even though i do not have a terminal disease and am no where near what is considered to be ELDERLY, i would make a bucket list anyway.

  1. i would like to take a ride on a motorcycle through a windy rural area
  2. i would like to learn to surf
  3. i would like to go tubing
  4. i would like to learn to snowboard
  5. i would like to go for a 10 mile hike
  6. i would like to spend an entire day laying on the beach and drinking cocktails
  7. i would like to go on every "scary" ride in an amusement park at least twice
  8. i would like to be in a pie eating contest
  9. i would like to visit some old friends across the pond and hang out for a few days
  10. i would like to watch the sun set and/or rise from every different continent
  11. i would like to eat one local favorite from every country/state in the whole world
  12. i would like to jump off a cliff into the ocean
  13. i would like to go on a long bicycle ride
  14. i would like to spend a day having someone take care of ME
  15. i would like to meet a list of celebrity chefs and have them each teach me to make one dish
  16. i would love to do all these things with audrey :)


  1. (well the cocktails thing and having someone take care of ME thing are sans audrey haha)

  2. You and me are doing #2. haha I know that sounds bad. I have wanted to learn how to surf since I was a kid.
    You certainly deserve #14.
    #16 is super cute. You are an awesome momma.
    -Kristi Hook