Friday, April 1, 2011

it's all coming together

so, so far so good.  i really can't complain.

i got rehired at ACR Homes and went to meet with an academic counselor at dunwoody regarding the radiology program.  it looks intense and scary.  2 years NONSTOP FULL TIME school and then a job as an x-ray tech.  it is hard.  on paper, things are scary.  on paper, i have A LOT to do.... and on paper, there's no guarantee that i will even get accepted into the program since they accept only 10 students and get around 80 applicants.

i feel like this is MY TIME now though.  i have put so much on hold and done so much for everyone else but me.  it is going to be really hard and really time consuming.  i dont imagine the next few years to be easy or stress-free at all. 

i know it's going to be hard, but sometimes good things are worth fighting for.  now im just hoping im one of 10 that gets to start in the fall!

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