Monday, April 25, 2011

a colorful day

so i have this awesome new schedule that free up some time for me to spend with audrey.  awesome, right?
yeah, so today is like 65 degrees... pretty much the warmest day for a while so i decide to suck up my knee problems and slap on some braces, get the jogging stroller off the porch and go take audrey out.

mind you, i don't live in the nicest neighborhood so i should have taken the car over to the parkway trail and THEN gone for a jog.  instead, i decided to WALK down to the trail, jog a little, then walk back.  god what was i thinking.

either i look REALLY hot in sweatpants with my hair a mess or there is viagra in north minneapolis water.  on my way across the street i noticed a shady fellow talking to an imaginary person across the street so i decided to head in the direction of the 3 guys coming from Subway.  halfway across the street one guy goes, "my friend is in love with you."   ICK.  i slapped em with some sass and kept walking only to be honked at by another guy who licked his lips in a rather crude manner.  so, i picked up the pace and kept walking.  got stopped by 2 guys on the trail when i was walking back who were NOT simply saying "good day."  then when i got more near my delightful part of town i was stopped and then FOLLOWED by another creepy guy who decided he needed to follow me 2 blocks to check out my ass.

jesus h christmas people!

on a silly note, the parkway lutheran church had the stupidest sign and i forgot to take a picture of it.... it just  made NO SENSE.  it said:

without the bread of life you're toast

wouldn't it make more sense to say that without the bread of life you HAVE no toast.... why would you BE toast without bread....?  

that was the redeeming factor of my walk.... and the exercise and outside time with my love, audrey.

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