Tuesday, May 31, 2011

epic fail for small man

i really hate people stuffing crap into my mailbox.  i think i still have some jehovah's witness pamphlets littering my front stairs and a phone book in a bag that has now become a trash bag on my front stoop (yeah kinda trashy i know im just lazy).  well, i come into my living room from the kitchen to see some doucher running off my front stoop with pamphlets in hand and instead of being a decent person to open the gate and go down the stairs, he jumps the fence..... ordinarily i'd just be like "ok whatever" and turn away, but i couldnt.  i let out a HUGE laugh when said doucher fell flat on his FACE after hopping the fence.  EPIC FAIL LITTLE MAN!  EPIC FAIL!  i got some much needed entertainment for the day!

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