Thursday, November 24, 2011

lost in the dark

ive been standing on this thin black line
waivering between the sides
afraid to move for fear of falling down

pushed myself farther out
than i thought was possible to travel
but ive forgotten where is home

your words took me from this height
with a cold hard slap in the face last nite
and im scared of where ive landed
but finally feel found

ive been lying to myself for many days
afraid that my life would be taken away
im standing in the crumbled remains of myself

uncertain where the darkness has me now
not sure if i ever will get out of it alive but
i know im taking the first steps of the rest of my life

your words cut me to the core
with a cold hard stab and then some more
im not sure of where ive landed or whether ill be found
but i feel like i can finally breathe now
maybe i can be free now

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