Sunday, November 27, 2011

ignoring the obvious

i have a pile of homework for the week staring straight at my face, but instead, i feel the need to write.  i made a very hard decision this week.  i chose to end a relationship of 4 years and disintegrate the little family i have.  why do you ask?  because i finally came clean.  i received some very harsh words from someone i barely know which shook me awake in the most necessarily violent way.  suddenly i realized i was doing no one, not the bf, not audrey, and definitely not me, any good at all by living a lie.  i was NOT happy.  i tried.  i tried for 3 years, for audrey, for people's convincing, for people's "kind" words informing me how im ruining everyones' lives by wanting to leave and get some space to clear my head and get a handle on things.

thats what ive been taught to understand... that im being selfish for wanting space and selfish for feeling like i need to be able to breathe and most certainly selfish for needing time.  then just call me ms. selfish.  im doing no one any good by staying "comfortable" in my situation and outwardly smiling while internally frowning.  things build up over the years and one just then implodes.  and i did.

but i feel the most amazing sense of freedom right now.  i feel like a 50 ton elephant has been lifted off my chest and for the first time in a long time, i can take a breath.  i know things are going to be ridiculously hard.  owning a house, going to school and work, and taking care of a child with limited funds is definitely going to be a challenge and even IF i find a roommate, still a challenge in a house with only 2 rooms.  so dear reader, im bracing myself for some torrential storms ahead, but i feel as if i have one week of sunshine before the flood.  and im going to relish every single moment i have in the sun.  i've started coming clean with people ive hurt too.   i just feel this amazing feeling to be honest and apologize to everyone about anything. it just feels so good.  i've been hiding for so long and just knowing that things will work themselves out and i can finally take care of myself, it feels incredible.

so now.... the child and her dad are moving into someone's house and i still have my house... we split up an amicable schedule and worked out child support without involving the courts.... now he's actually moving out.  it's hard cos he's been my best friend for 4 years.  we've been thru a lot of good and bad times, a lot of fun and a lot of fighting.  i wanna end it all on a high note.  i wanna end it all on a smile instead of tears.  i know that will be impossible but.... i can hope. 

so there's that.  im coming out of hiding and embracing the first day of this new chapter in my life.  one step at a time, one hurdle at a time, and life will be just fine.  i dont know where this crazy road is taking me, but i am going to go. 

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