Monday, September 6, 2010


i love my little audrey but BOYYYY can that LITTLE girl eat BIG!
practically speaking, there was no way i could afford to feed her unless i started to make the food myself.
this lil contraption was a bit pricey but i HIGHLY recommend it.
if not for the beaba babycook i think i would be in the poor house buying all the little gerber tubs for audrey to eat at mealtime.  she is just SO hungry.
sometimes, she cries when i wipe off her bib and wipe off her face because she is STILL hungry.  she eats far more than i think is healthy or necessary sometimes but what can ya do but feed her?

the beaba babycook is kind of small for its price.  the basket holds about 1/2 of a potato where you would want it to hold the WHOLE potato to obviously get it all done at once.  it IS extremely easy to use.  the blender has 3 lines on it and the instructions show you which line to fill it to depending on what food you are making.  then you set it to the steam option, go away and get something done, come back and empty the contents into the water (unless youre making a potato... whole other story to make potatoes) and set it to the blend option.  you have to hold it on the blend option if you want a nice puree BUT it also gives you the option to finely chop.  you make your puree, put it in some ice cube trays, freeze it, AND you can even REHEAT in the babycook!  i use the microwave because it's faster but the machine does reheat food.

i spend about $25- $40 a month on food for audrey.  go figure she eats a tub at breakfast, 2 tubs at lunch and dinner.... that's 5 tubs a day or around $3 a day.  that's $21 a week... $84 a month!!!  yes, i'd say this product is well worth it!

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