Friday, September 3, 2010

Memories, Nostalgia, and Radio

Can't believe summer's over.  When you're a little kid, you can't wait for summer and dread the end-of-summer chill signifying fall weather and school's return.  As an adult, working ALL the time, I don't share the same dread for fall and the same lust for summer weather.  In fact, I adore fall.  For one, I hate being super sweaty and overheated and secondly, I LOVE hoodies and mittens.  But, I hate the fact that I work inside all the time during the day, every day of the week.  I love the sunny days that have a sweet smell and crispness in the air.  I like tromping through piles of crunchy leaves or laying in a warm grassy field in the sun.  I want to be able to take Audrey for walks and enjoy some sweet vitamin D and fresh air.

It was nice to go to the fair with Josh tonight while our friend Nick watched Audrey.  We got a date, and we got to wear hoodies!!!  We even listened to old mix cd's I had made when I met him since all he listened to was stuff on 93 X and I only listen to the Current.  It was a nice drive home listening to the Decemberists and the Shins, Mason Jennings, and even some Brand New, goin back to my Long Island roots.  Gotta love Merrick!  Actually, brought back good memories listening to Brand New.  I remember Dane and Will, the smell of cigarettes and beer, everyone playing songs on the guitar and singing, and late night cab rides back to my dad's house since I didn't have a car.

I love the nostalgia music evokes. I can hear REALLY old bands that remind me of car rides with my dad back when I was a kid.  I wonder if Audrey will one day think my music is super lame just like I remember of my dad's taste.  Come on Pat Benetar and Fleetwood Mac, right?  I wonder if Audrey will hate the Eels, the Black Keys, Mos Def, Atmosphere, etc....  I wonder if she will have fond memories when she hears songs when she's older.

I wonder what other sights, smells and sounds will make her remember the fun times she had with her momma when she's older....

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  1. "For one, I hate being super sweaty and overheated and secondly, I LOVE hoodies and mittens." ME TOO!

    I totally think our kids will have fond memories when they hear the music we listen to. Isn't that fun and sobering to think about? We are creating memories for them every day. That's quite a responsibility. = )