Saturday, September 4, 2010

A night full of nightmares

I don't know why it is but lately I have had such VIVID dreams.  Maybe it is due to my lack of sleep, maybe I am so overtired that when I do get to sleep, my mind goes nuts, maybe it is because I eat stuff too late, maybe it's from creepy commercials for movies or random stuff on tv, or maybe... it's something different all together.

Last night's was the worst!  I finally got some sleep, but around 5 I heard Audrey stirring in her sleep.  I finally fell back to sleep to one of the creepiest dreams ever.  What sucks the worst is that I knew I was dreaming but couldn't wake up. 

I was dreaming that I was in a movie.  For some reason, everyone had a bandanna.  It was on their neck or in their hair or in their hands or on their wrists.... just everyone had one.  Red, blue, and black.  In this "movie" I was playing a protester.  All of a sudden my palm started bleeding and everyone started shouting "STIGMATA!!" so I ran up to some man and asked if I could borrow his bandanna.  I wrapped up my hand with a red bandanna and walked off "the set".  All of a sudden I was in our friends Tyler and Virginia's house but in my dream it was mine and Josh's house.  We were in their living room when this little kid showed up at the door and couldn't talk.  He was lost but couldn't talk to us.  Instead of calling the police to report the missing child, Josh decided to keep him.  We then took Audrey and this mystery boy to our daycare lady Melisa's house for dinner only our friends Cecilia and Sarah were there too.  There was a chalkboard above their couch with drawings that incorporated Audrey and how she was part of the daycare kid crew.  Out of nowhere, the drawings vanished and no one wanted us there anymore so we left.  We went back home where I was going to put Audrey to bed.  This balloon that Aunt Karen brought over after she was born was tied to her crib (and some how still full of helium).  The balloon just started flailing around all crazy like their was a gust of wind or something.  I saw a shadow and felt a really evil presence in her room (for some reason there was no shade on her window so it was the glare of her light blasting into the darkness of the outside on her window behind me) and I tried to scream only nothing would come out.  The presence of evil just got stronger and stronger and I couldn't yell!  I wanted to have Josh come to help keep us safe from whatever was coming after Audrey and I but I couldn't yell.  Then the balloon mysteriously deflated and was lying on the ground.  The kid that Josh had decided to keep was gone again and I couldn't find Audrey.  I tried again to scream but I couldn't.  I just remember the light being on in her room, it glaring off of the bare window and there being shadows in the dark night through the window.  I just remember trying to scream, wanting some help and protection but there being nothing but this evil force coming after me.

And then I woke up.  Even now as I am typing this out again in the eerie silence of naptime, every little noise is making me jump.  It was so real and scary.  I have never been more thankful to be awake.

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  1. That's a HORRIBLE dream Kelly!! = ( Let me know if you ever want me to come pray over the room/your house with you. It might help remove the memory, or at least the creepy feelings, related to that dream. Poor thing!! Thankfully I rarely remember my horrible dreams.. sheesh.