Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 things I wish people told me about pregnancy/childbirth/babyraising...

I'm a thinker and a list maker.  Here is the first of many....

10) Exercise while pregnant is NOT hazardous!!  I was told to be careful about exercising and people made me feel guilty for doing ANY!!!
9) Breastfeeding does NOT help you lose all the baby weight and give you the best body you've ever had.  In fact, many mom's I've talked to had to work REALLY hard to lose weight even while breastfeeding.
8) Most dads wont get involved with the child until they can actually DO something like smile, or hold a toy, or have an attention span.
7) You CAN and SHOULD try to put your baby on a schedule as early as possible.
6) It is OK to let the lil baby cry and NOT always rush to pick them up.
5) You will have to give up having a clean house.  Between toys and books and just having NO time, the house will get messy if you and your spouse work full time.
4) Coffee is your new best friend and saviour.
3) You just simply will NOT be prepared for the birth - nothing will ever be completely ALL ready.
2) You will never forget the birth of your baby.
1) You will never ever ever be able to love anyone as much as your child.


  1. Oh, I LOVE your list! #1 is my fav, and #6 and 7 make me so proud. You sure have grown a lot as a mother Kelly! = D

  2. Who DOESN'T love lists!!!
    I am especially relieved that my duties as a dad wont start till my baby is old enough to visibly appreciate my dedication :)

    I guess I do have to disagree with your reasoning for 9). Only because breastfeeding women are having a hard time losing weight doesn't mean that breastfeeding does not help with the weight loss. After all, you use calories to make milk and unless you drink your own breast milk (I doubt it) those calories are lost to you (which is what you want when trying to lose weight). Making the milk will consume an extra 300-500 calories a day for you, which equates to an hour of working out or 1-1.5 Snickers bars. I think the problem is that most women overestimate the impact of breastfeeding...