Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weird Dreams About Future Times....

I dont even mean future as in 2020 or something like that.  I mean future as in a few months from now future.

The other night i dreamed Audrey had 4 teeth and woke up to find no teeth and was all confused where her teeth went.  Last night I had a dream I made a beef stew and a vegetarian friend asked me for the recipe because I made the beef look just that good....

I am in a hurry for winter to come.  I get away with more in the winter... Josh doesn't mind that I bake so much (we have potlucks and it's the holidays), and I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get to go to Long Island to visit my family.

My cousin's kid is already 1, my niece that I never met yet is going to be 1, and my lil Jellybean (my other niece) is already over 2 years old....I don't even KNOW at this point how old my own Grandma is (in my mind the dear woman is still 60) and she even wants to meet my Audrey.  NO ONE in my own family has seen Audrey yet and she'll be 10 months the day that we go visit!

I don't really talk to anyone I was friends with growing up but I wonder if maybe they would want to see us too.  I mean, sometimes I think about what life would be like if i never left NY, but, I'm happy with my choices.... I don't think I would have been blessed with my dear baby Audrey if not for the way things turned out.

On the subject of baking (my mind has ADHD)- I'm really excited to try new things....
Some things this fall/winter are going to bring are:
-raspberry tartlets
-pumpkin pie
-apple pie
-nutella cookies (again)
-pb chocolate chip cookies (again)
-monkey cakes (round 2 - i almost got it!)
-mini cheesecakes
-beef and mushroom stew (round 2- i think i got it)
-oven roasted chicken (i have a new idea and i am EXCITED to try it) with roasted veggies
-cake decorating (just somethin i wanna try)

SO, if you find yourself drooling and want me to make you some and live in another state or live nearby, I'm thinking about maybe selling some treats (after I get them right of course).... just don't tell the city of Minneapolis cos I think I might get fined!!  : P


  1. Those are some weird dreams. I had one lately involving an ex. That was disturbing. = (

    Looking forward to hearing about your baking escapades.. I LOVE to bake. = D We should bake together this holiday season.