Monday, October 25, 2010

are you able to operate a motor vehicle? (a short quiz)

after nearly being in a ton of accidents due to the carelessness of others (honestly), i decided to make a quiz to see if you really CAN and SHOULD operate a motor vehicle....

1) Is your cell phone glued to at least one of your hands at all times?
2) Do you feel that turn signals are optional or should be used at the very last second?
3) Do you forget to turn on your head lights?
4) If there is inclement weather, do you drive below half of the posted speed limit?
5) While driving, if there are cars approaching from an oncoming ON ramp, do you speed up to make sure they don't get in front of you?
6) Do you STOP completely at a yellow light?
7) While at a green turn arrow, do you sit in your car organizing things on your front seat or space out or send a text?
8) Do you believe in multi-tasking and feel that you can put on make up, fix your hair, send texts or talk on the phone while driving?
9) Do you feel the need to stop and stare at every flashing light/police car/stalled vehicle/accident on the side of the road??
10) Is your car just so awesomely expensive and brand new that you have this sense of entitlement or an overprotective nature about you that you just can't seem to drive normally?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.... GIVE BACK YOUR LICENSE AND GET A STATE ID AND BUS PASS!
I am sick of driving near you people and having you share the road with me. 


  1. You forgot:
    -Do you go the speed limit or under in the left (fast) lane because you are afraid of merging? -Do you not know how to speed up to the pace of traffic when on an "on ramp" so that you are going only 30 mph when merging onto the interstate?
    -Do you consistently run people off the road because you don't make way for them to merge onto the highway?

    Love this list. = D

  2. i also thought this morning of
    - do you turn whenever you feel like it even if it is into on-coming traffic?
    -do you creep up next to someone at a red light in hopes of getting ahead of them because you are just THAT important with somewhere to be?