Thursday, December 9, 2010

attack of the virus

it seems our house has been hit. 

it all started with a cold. 
saturday 7am Audrey has a runny nose.
that turned into super runny nose by sunday.
monday 730am Josh's truck gets "sick" and breaks down.
then there's last nite....

7pm Audrey goes down for bedtime.
8pm Audrey is still awake babbling in her crib.
9pm Audrey makes a weird dry heaving/gagging noise
then came the computer.  out of NOWHERE, pop ups galore (i saw enough porn and viagra sites to scar me for life).  all my programs were infected.  spyware spyware spyware.  my norton account expired and would not renew for some reason.  still wont.  then audrey made the noise again.  we poked in on her but didnt turn on the light and again, she seemed just fine.
10 pm I am running sweeps and scans.  it detects a trojan virus.  quarantined it and still nothing works.

11pm I get a geeksquad guy online and pay him to fix it. 
12am Audrey again makes gagging noises which I attribute to her cold and try to get some sleep.
4am Audrey makes gagging noise again accompanied by whimpering.  I jump out of bed, go downstairs, turn on the light and..............

see my poor baby smiling, rolling around in dried and crusty puddles of vomit.  its on her pjs, on her teddy bear, her blanket, and it even went through the sheet onto the mattress protector. 

730am Josh leaves for work and I get the urge.... and now, 815 am and I think Audrey is napping (or at least resting quietly) and I am on the couch not feelin so hot.

dear reader, we have been hit.
we are under attack.  take cover take cover take cover!


  1. I'm so sorry you guys aren't feeling well. Prayers heading your way. = (

  2. audrey's been super awesome since she woke up from her morning nap. still not very hungry and now she's grabbing at her teeth and pulling at her ear... but she's super screechy and happy and playful.
    i on the other hand have been guzzling ginger ale and eating crackers... i feel icky!