Monday, December 6, 2010

when it rains it pours....

so today...
i had a bad feeling getting into josh's truck this morning.  his battery light was usually on and would spike all over the place (he has an electrical problem from long ago that just wont quit).  today, a bunch of other lights came on and i took off down the alley and into the road.  suddenly the radio went off.  trying to "conserve energy" i turned off the headlights but it was still kind of dark, so when i got to the next traffic light i put the headlights back on and POOF the car died.  i was at the intersection of N 26th and Penn which is NOT the best place to have a car die.  i have NEVER been in this situation before, so i started panicking and calling josh (who after 7 phone calls in a row wasn't answering) i sat there ready to cry.  people kept honking and just swerving around me.  finally these 2 older guys waved over to me and helped me get to the side of the road.  they didnt have cables so they couldn't give me a jump.  i sat there and called josh for another 5 minutes who still didnt answer.  since my house was merely 4 or 5 blocks away, i decided to put my boots back on and start walking home.  FINALLY josh called back and 10 minutes later, he and audrey showed up to drive me to work.  on the way to work i find out that our garage door broke.... again.  now the openers dont work and the whole door is off track. also,  i was 15 minutes late which counts against me, he had to miss work entirely to wait on the tow truck and for the repairs to get done. 
BUT, even tho i was panicked and grumpy and not the nicest person today, i got a big payment which put me halfway to my monthly goal.  5 minutes after that, josh texted me to say that the dudes at midas (that LOVE him because he is such a schmoozer) didnt charge him for the tow and were going to fudge the facts a little and only ended up charging him $131 for EVERYTHING!!!!!
what should have been an unaffordable $800 tow and repair job ended up being WAY less than that!
audrey cried A LOT the whole way home.  mostly cos she was tired and hungry i guess.  but after we got home and she ate, she was SO cute and SO funny!!!  my lil lady has such a vibrant and larger-than-life personality.  she went down pretty well and we got to eat chinese for dinner..... what a treat!

so all in all, today started off rough.... but, thanks to josh always telling me to look on the brighter side, i was able to help him AND myself stay on the upside of things. 

the motto for today: "THINGS COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE!"

honestly, the truck could have caught on fire, i could have GOTTEN fired, the repairs could have been more than we could have afforded, audrey could be REALLY sick, our garage could have collapsed, both our cars could have issues, we could have NO second car, etc etc etc.

so, see?  things could always be worse. 

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