Wednesday, December 1, 2010

of all the ways to be like momma

so, my child is basically a mix of josh and myself.  i get it.
i see it in her face and her body....
she has my eyes, josh's brow and forehead, my nose and lips, josh's ears, josh's long limbs and slenderness, my petite-ness, josh's goofiness, my silly faces, josh's observance, and unfortunately, my......

                         lack of patience!!!!

it's becoming so apparent lately.  audrey has hit this age where she wants to explore and learn and do new things and try things out on her own.  understandable. fine. ok. 

she desperately wants to walk.  she holds onto her crib or the table or her walker toy and does this lil groove to show her excitement.  she sits up and puts herself on her tummy and rolls around from place to place.  she scoots backwards.  she helps me put the spoon with food in her mouth.  she's learned to grab her lil puffs and ALMOST gets them in her mouth.  she has learned to push herself away from things and up off the floor.  she tries to sit up on her own and if we lay her down on her changing table for a diaper or a change of clothes .... holy hannah.

this is what has been happening.  any time she is just SO CLOSE but cant get it.... out come the whimpers and whines, screams, shrieks, cries, and flailing limbs.  she almost gets the puffs in her mouth, cant figure it out, so she gets flustered, gives up, and throws them on the floor.  she cant figure out how to put the spoon in her mouth on her own so if i let go of the spoon, she flails and throws it on the floor.  she cant figure out how to move forward on her tummy so she flails her limbs, whimpers, whines, and starts crying.  she wants to sit up and move around and constantly be DOING something or GOING somewhere (just like good ol grandpa barney and unfortunately ME), and if we have to put her in her carseat or on her changing table or put her in a position that is something other than what she wants right at that moment..... good golly cover your ears and hide your children.

i hate that this is what she gets the most from me.  she is a beautiful girl.  she is smiley and usually so happy.  i guess she is trying to do and be a lot more than she is able to right now and just like her dear ol momma HATES IT!  i get the same way.  if i cant figure something out right away, i instantly get pissed off, throw a fit and quit.  i admit it.  so childish but i do it. 

Lord grant me patience to teach my baby patience!  what a house we will be in if NO ONE has any patience!

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