Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a picture's worth a thousand words

so the guy that did my half sleeve books up REAL quick.  REAL quick.
so, i know a want a tattoo to honor audrey and just how awesome she is and how happy i am to have her but i am still at a LOSS for what to get.  since he books up so quickly, i already made appointments and have a consultation for dec 11.
soooo here's the ideas so far:
- a half sleeve of a page in our favorite book "Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants" of the momma monkey and baby monkey (since audrey is my little monkey)

-then there's the mommy giraffe/baby giraffe idea since her favorite toy is a giraffe named Sophie and she has a stuffed giraffe and a giraffe dress.... here are some pics i found

so, i guess- vote on your favorite idea or pic.  just remember, i have a very dark half sleeve on one side with some cherry blossoms.... i kinda want another half sleeve but dont wanna be too matchy matchy or too out there so it looks stupid.

post your votes in the comment spot below and HELP ME before december 11.


  1. i like the 4th gariffe down. looks absolutely adorable.....cant wait to see ur tat!==stephanie payne

  2. I also like the 4th giraffe down, but love the first one too and think it would be a better shape for a half-sleeve. = )

  3. see im kinda scared to get another half sleeve cos i dont want to be too matchy matchy with 2 half sleeves on 2 arms.... im thinking more like doing my bicep all the way around and have it like faded instead of like sharply at my shoulder and elbow.... but yeah, see why im stuck rachel!!!