Sunday, August 28, 2011

disappointed in humanity

i don't know why after 28 years on this planet i still have expectations that are this high.  i am constantly let down and disappointed of promises to be different.
"we wont be the 'mean girls' that you were friends with before.  we hate those types." 
"i'm not like other guys.  i really do just want to be friends." 
"we totally have to hang out more!  you're like the one girl i can get along with."
"i care about you."

oh humanity how you disappoint me on so many levels.  if being a hermit were an option, i might just do it.  there are a few people that have surprised me with how they've come out of the woodwork and been the most amazing, supportive people that i never knew i should count on.  those that promised and swore and gave me very sweet and lofty things to chew on..... well assholes, i choked and gagged and threw up your bullshit, so take THAT!

im so sick of headache and heartache.  it's like a drank a bottle of tequilla and woke up 4 hours later to go to work.  it just feels disgusting and there's no fun involved.

god damn liars and selfish pricks.  everyone takes what they want from me when they need it and when i just want someone to be around, they vanish as if i have used up every last ounce of their supply of "person."  how tiring it must be to be so popular and needed.  

i give up on you humanity.  you all promise the same and deliver the same- empty nonsense.

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  1. this is NOT to the few people that have shocked me by being amazing friends- 99% of them are fellow MOMS that are just as burned out as i am.