Saturday, August 13, 2011

lines from a script

i waited on you all nite to say hello
waited for a while but you never did show
i waited on you all nite to notice me
waited for forever but it never came to be

so i walked home alone with the breeze
softly touching all the places i wanted you to be
whispering sweet nothings in my ear
making me feel not so alone right here

i stood beneath the moonlight sky
hung on your porch just for a little while
maybe you'd be home i thought inside
but the lights were off, so i drove away

i laid awake in bed, it was 3 am
alone and sad, cos i missed you friend
you never came like you said you would
all the things you said are now no good

i reread every letter that you ever sent
the words seem so staged, not so present tense
not sure what to believe from your filthy lips
i'll shut my eyes to ignore all this bitterness

that's what i get for believing you
for trusting any word you said as true
i'll burn the notes you wrote and letters sent
every line you stole straight from a movie script

i'm better off, you're not what you seemed
your little game, i was just another piece
your ego has you flying high and far away from me
i'm better off without your flattery

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