Sunday, August 14, 2011

my dear, you feel so permanent

i feel like i've been waiting
for you for a while. 
the feeling is so strange
and yet i want more

im haunted by songs
that make me want you nearby
and it's never intentional
just a friendly reminder

i wouldnt say that this is ideal
or how i thought things would be
i never planned for this
this simply isnt my thing

you race through my mind
in ways i cant control
and in ways i wish
would slow down or cease. 

all i can say is
i hope im not making a mistake
in testing out the waters
and seeing if this is right

i see sorrow and sadness in one future
and smiles and possibilities on the other
yet moving  in a direction has me paralyzed
i dont want to go the wrong way

i feel like i've been waiting for something
for someone kinda like you
i feel like i can breathe and be at ease
just for a minute til it's time to move

maybe for once im supposed to
just enjoy the moment im in,
hold your hand and take a breath
and take it all from there...

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