Saturday, August 20, 2011

it's amazing how empty you make me feel
when i wait hours to hear from you
and some bullshit response is more than enough
it sends me to the moon

it's amazing how used you make me feel
when all you want  is touch touch and kiss
it's not to say i dont want it to
but there's got to be more than this

it's amazing how drained you make me
it's amazing i'm still here
it's amazing how tired you leave me
it's amazing i still care

it's amazing how little i trust you now
the words you carelessly say
i'm not sure what other girl
gets talked to the same way

it's amazing how lonely you make me
hanging on every last refrain
waiting for your next sugar coated line
to send me off to space

it's amazing how much i like you
it's amazing im not so sane
it's amazing how far i feel i've gotten
it's amazing i'm here again

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