Saturday, April 14, 2012

day 30: 30 day challenge COMPLETE (3 days late)

how i completely spaced on the 30th day of my 30 day challenge is beyond me. 
things are changing for me in a good way.  im realizing what im worth, what i deserve, and most importantly, what i don't deserve.  i'm learning it's ok to stand up for myself sometimes and to speak my voice.  i'm also learning there are many times where i need to shut up and listen, take criticism and constructive feedback and grow. 

so day 30 (what should have been 3 days ago): im unstoppable.  with all the things i am learning and applying to my life daily with every moment of chaos, every breath i take and exhale.... i don't want to stay the same ever.  i will never compromise the goofy, sassy, talented, outspoken, creative, nutjob that i am.  i will never stifle how much love i like to share with others or how  much attention i like to give people.  i will always be me, but growing.  the time i have here is meant to be spent learning and growing, giving and sharing.  so hopefully my quest to find and better myself has provoked some change in someone or at least inspired them to see themselves for who they really are and not the distorted view they grew up with or gained over years of being put down. 
im not where i need to be yet.  i don't claim to be or think im anywhere close.  the important thing is though, that i am daily putting one foot in front of the other to get there.  i take the obstacles and challenges head on and just hope to keep growing and going.  i can't wait to find out more of who i really am.  it's been a very awesome month and i know im already in a better place than when i started.

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