Wednesday, April 11, 2012

days 27-29: 30 day challenge

im nearing the end of this little experiment and holy shit it has done amazing things for me.  i am in a great place mentally and emotionally and i cant say that i have been here in a very long time.  i dont know if i can say EVER actually.  so with one day left after making up for the past 3 days, im really looking forward to seeing these things the next time im feelin not so up and up. 

day 27:  im tough.  i keep takin punches and kicks from life in the forms of various things.  i dont have it easy ... i never have.  but the important thing is that i don't quit.  i push.  and i put my head down and just keep going.  it may be pouring rain on my head and im getting soaked and im cold, or it may be super hot and i have a really steep hill to climb and im out of water.... i don't quit.  i push until i make it.

day 28: i am confident.  i can say this NOW, and no it's not every day, but... i know who i am now.  maybe this little experiment had something to do with it but.... at least i know ME. 

day 29: im humble.  yeah yeah yeah not a very humble thing to say, but i am.  of course i have my bad day like everyone else but i never think ive "made it" and am "complete."  i think life is a journey and there's always room to grow and learn and change.  in fact, i love change.  it's the most uncomfortable, necessary, exciting adventure.

ONE MORE DAY!  i wonder if i could keep this going for 30 MORE days!

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