Saturday, October 19, 2013

a moment of clarity

there are those people.
those few people that when youre around them, the angry sounds quiet and life makes sense again.
im lucky enough to have that.
i know my last post is woe is me somber, but at the same time, i must see the flip side of the coin and count myself lucky.

im lucky enough to have a very select and miniscule few that care about me and believe in me and just.... shut me up when im irrational and spinning out of control.

today i got 3 of them.
today im thankful for the misery that was my horrible night's sleep.
today i was reminded that it's time to pick up and move again and even if i am moving away (metaphorically) from some places and things and people, these few will always be a part of me.

today was a very eye opening day.
today i learned how beautiful a conversation can be.
today i learned to slow down and listen to the rhythm of breathing.
today i learned to ask the questions i feared the answers to.

so today held a moment of clarity...a few actually.

im learning that few is actually greater than many.
today was a nice reminder.

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