Thursday, November 28, 2013

giving thanks...

an empty bottle of wine, an empty bag of tostitos, and 3 cigarettes later im staring at a basket full of clean laundry that needs to be folded.
ive yet to shower or leave my bed for the past 6 hours.
ive done some soul searching today and realized a few things.

i, my friends, am a fake.
i pretend that i am some independent tough guy. 
i pretend i like this metallic casing and i dont.
i pretend i hate all things gushy and romantic and i dont.

i did learn today that i like who i am.
i am funny and smart and dare i say even beautiful.
and when the right time comes, someone will respect that and appreciate that as much as i do in this moment right now.
until then, i wont bend or cave for anyone, no matter how physically appealing and full of compliments they may be.
but im willing to let someone past the metal gate if they're worth it..... eventually.

til then, im going to enjoy this buzz and a little thing i missed called SELF RESPECT.

merry giving thanks day all.

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