Saturday, November 30, 2013

he agreed

he agreed to meet me.
i swore i wouldnt talk to him anymore but there is so much bottled up inside of me that a text message cant convey.
plus i think he got off easy and cowardly.
i want to see his face when i tell him he is a liar.
i think that is the only satfisfaction i want out of this word exchange and return of a paperback book from the 70s.

i guess that's how you know you cared for someone more than you intended... the hurt.
the shock.  the aftermath of the storm.  the sight of the wreckage.
the hurt feelings.

how someone can go from wanting to see where things go, to avoiding you in public, to lying right to your face.... that doesn't deserve to get off easy.
all of my words are bottling up inside of me to the point where i find myself saying them out loud.... like a rehearsal for the big show.
i imagine myself tossing the book on some table after my closing point and turning away to go leaving him there speechless.
now, i know that is overdramatic and unrealistic and definitely won't happen but...
good god.

i hate when people get off so easy.
i hate when people fear confronting someone because they're hot or they don't wanna start something.
when you lie directly to my face, stone cold sober with your stand on the situation.... that my friends is what you call LE BULLSHIT.
im from NY. 
LE BULLSHIT is not tolerated.
we call it like it is and expect others to do the same.
i live in MN.
i live in a land of ten thousand lakes and passive aggressive tendencies.
where we smile courteously and talk shit secretively.
no thank you MN.
no thank you indeed.

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