Sunday, November 17, 2013

one is not such a bad number

so needless to say yesterday was not a high note for me.
it was a really bad day.
i made a hard decision and wallowed in sadness and bacon fat.

i set myself a time limit on feeling bad tho.  by midnight i had to stop.
by midnight i had to let it go and wake up new.
and i did.

i went and got coffee with an old friend.
i went to get bloody marys and brunch with a new friend.
i ate and ate and ate until i looked pregnant.
i watched the same movie twice just because i could.

i saw the sun peering through a chunk of gloomy clouds.  it illuminated golds and oranges through the contrasting dark gray and navy colors of the clouds where it found small holes. 
i saw this and felt alright again.
even though there is sadness and darkness and some gloomy days, there's always a break.
i love nature for that reminder.
it's so simple and for that im really grateful. 
im thankful nature speaks to me like this.

im happy for today.

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