Sunday, December 1, 2013

what does the word DATE even mean anymore?

frankly i am appalled.
where am i meeting these self righteous arrogant .... dicks?
is it really a common thing now a days to whip your shit out to any girl that says she'll come over for a drink?

what happened to the days of asking a girl out on a friday or saturday night and taking her out and treating her like a PERSON?
yes im all for being equals and the man not shouldering the cost of the whole date but.... shit, cant a guy even offer to take me somewhere other than his room?

i realized something last night while in an awkward position....
im better than this.
i deserve better than this.
if someone doesn't want anything to do with getting to know ME as a real live person.... if someone has no interest in ME as a whole human with thoughts and opinions.... FUCK OFF.

i don't need to be treated like a pocket pussy.
they make those and sell those if that's what someone is after.
i have more value than a suctioning piece of latex or whatever it's made out of.

for now, i will drown my disgust and lose myself in music and coffee.
im growing hopeless that someone will be kind enough to take me on a real date and want to get to know the real me and let me get to know them as well, but... maybe ill be surprised one day.
til then, im on a very serious hiatus.

if you insist you want to get to know ME, newsflash: the real ME is not between my legs beneath my underpants. 
the end.

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