Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hello new year

this is going to be a good year.
i've already EFFED UP with the finances ROYALLY.  like really bad....
BUT... it's funny how i'm not letting that drag me down.  i'm figuring out ways around my miscalculations and am making it a priority once i balance things out with commission checks at the end of the month so we can actually use our tax return and have some left to save.

ok, so aside from a money mess right at the beginning of the year, i have good plans and good things in mind.

for one.... i really want to be healthy.  i know that's what every single person says for a few months and then caves... but, i really want to be healthy.  it's amazing what 60 extra pounds will do to you mentally.  i didnt exercise much while i was pregnant because very well meaning people kept yelling at me.  so, while i slowed down, my metabolism slowed down, and petite baby audrey was only 6 pounds and i had 54 pounds of unaccounted for nonsense stuck to me.
i swore off the scale after the needle wouldn't budge (and finally the battery died so all was well with that demon).  i tried diet after diet and finally QUIT.  one day i hit the gym scale and found i was back to normal give or take a few pounds.... AWESOME right?  hardly!

i've always been REALLY REALLY hard on myself.  REALLY.  so, while the number is awesome (it's back to my exact pre-pregnancy weight) but my body is still flabby and loose.  my jeans fit, but the excess baggage (even in its tiniest form) is NOT ok for me.

i really do miss jiu jitsu.  i mean, it changed my life.  i won a national title... i beat the crap out of many guys...but it is REALLY hard on you after taking 2 years off.  i can see why people stop going.  when i get my ass kicked NOW, it sucks worse because i have an 18 pound baby that constantly needs playing with or lifting... so my back and hips and ribs and knees take and even LARGER beating.  not right now jiu jitsu.  you will just have to wait... again.

i do love fitness yoga.  it is FUN!  i have some dvds but it is so easy to just do the 15 min or 10 min segment and call it quits..... or just sit and stretch while watching The Office and call it enough.  this year though, i really want to make a change.  i want to be conscious about what im doing with my body, my mind, and my words.  i fly off the handle in many ways.

so, here's my "new years resolution" which i really want to be a life change.....
(and im making realistic goals because i have some larger ones that would make me just sit back and do nothing because it's a lot to tackle at once)...

-get up early to exercise every morning (for now in the winter it IS just my 15 min or 10 min of fitness yoga, but once it gets warmer out, go for a run outside for a half hour)
-get to the gym to run and do light weights at least 2-3 times a week.
-PAY ATTENTION to what i eat and drink and teach audrey good eating habits
-make the time to eat and make good foods
-go back to school by my birthday (still gotta figure out what for)
-make a budget and STICK to it
-put some money every month in a savings account

so, there it goes.... nothing too drastic.... just some small life changes that will make for a better life overall.  i need my head screwed on straight :)


  1. Very good goals Kelly! We're working on the eating healthy and teaching Ari good eating habits too. We're going to start preparing dinner each night and sitting together at the table as a family, instead of eating separately and in front of the TV. = ) Hope all your goals happen!

  2. thanks! i think its important to lead by example! audrey saw me eating a huge salad today and was reaching for it... i really want her to eat good foods or at least make good choices, cos we all know that we eat bad stuff on occasion :)