Monday, January 24, 2011

today is going to be awkward

there have been very few days where i have gotten it right- where that looming, gut tightening feeling is actually something i should have listened to.
for example, the day i knew i shouldnt drive josh's truck to work and it broke down on n 26th and penn ave n and i was late for work and stuck in a not so great neighborhood while it was snowing....
or the day i knew josh was getting fired....

today just has that feeling.  i can't explain it, but i know something is going to happen.  it feels awkward and heavy. 
i hope im just being an overtired basketcase.

my stomach hurts though.  it hurts, churns, and feels like it is in 1,000 different varieties of knots.
i feel nervous.  im anticipating the worst of the worst.

hello world, my name is debbie downer.

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