Wednesday, January 26, 2011

rub a dub dub, there's two in the tub

lately audrey has had the most INTENSE fear of the tub.  we put her little tub in the big tub or put her little tub in the sink but she without fail try to stand up and get out and cry hysterically.  i kind of am to blame i think.  one time i put cold water on her head when i thought it was warm and didn't double check.... YIKES!
anyway i read up on the bath phobia and one site suggested taking a bath WITH the baby to get them feeling more secure.
i have to say- this totally worked.  she gets excited for bath time and smiles the most happy smile.  she splashes and has fun!  i hope this wont be a forever thing because it sure is time consuming.  im happy that she is learning to be calm and understands that baths are safe and ok.


  1. We had to do the same thing! Sitora LOVED it :) Hey- it works, so why not?

  2. Ari loves taking a bath with me. He's just not stable enough to be in there by himself, and too big for the sink. So cute to see him splashing around. = D

  3. oh audrey is alright sitting up on her own and we have a bath seat even (somewhere in the basement) i could give to you since she doesnt want it....
    its got suction cups on the bottom so it sticks to the tub and its like a lil seat with a safety bar (kinda like a kid swing) .... lemme know.

    but yeah i actually like bath time.... she gets the cutest 2 toothed grin! she's so proud of herself and feels so confident.

  4. I had to do the same thing with bella until she was about 2 years old. She was four months when she accidently feel backwards in the tub, she was only underwater for about a second, but it was enough to freak her out. :(

    She will eventually learn again to love bathtime without you, but for now just enjoy it. It goes by so fast!