Thursday, January 6, 2011

xanax? zoloft? anyone? anyone?

i havent felt this stressed or tense in so long.
back in the day like 5 years ago i was on zoloft for my many issues and got through it all by writing songs and then finding that exercise is a good release of stress.
lately, having had my priorities completely revamped beyond my control, i find that due to our crazy schedules, i dont get time for anything.  josh is busy.  always busy.
i suppose i could MAKE more time but... audrey's always needing something and maybe it's my own fault for feeling like i NEED to be the one to fix everything and care for everything.

needless to say, im getting white hairs, my hair is falling out, and i think i'm getting stress related hives or something.  i just CANT calm down.  maybe it's my need to replace meals with coffee or something...
either way im going nuts.  i cant get a convenient doctor's appointment since my job has this MASSIVE issue for people missing work for health issues....

im just grumpy, tired, on edge, and am realizing HOW much i clench my teeth ALL day.... it hurts.
any ideas on what to do? 


  1. Have you thought about setting aside 5-10 min in the morning for a quiet time: prayer and meditation? Also cutting out caffeine and down on alcohol, drinking more water. Maybe do light stretching a few times a day, like Child's pose and doing deep breathing (in to the count of 4, out to the count of 6) and neck rolls whenever you feel stressed out. A short soaking bath at night is a great stress reducer also. Not watching any TV, or computer use, for 1hr before bedtime will also help you sleep better.

    Sorry you're feeling so stressed out. I'll pray for you. = )

  2. I agree with Rachel :) I always need some time everyday to unwind and think and pray. Sometimes I listen to music in the bath, write in a journal, read a good book, listen to the bible on my iphone app, or just drink some tea and look out the window :)