Thursday, November 1, 2012

tragedy strikes

it was really hard to get anything done monday.
my sister was blowing up my phone with texts and videos of the oncoming and growing storm.
i began to worry.  i spent the evening hours watching the weather channel online seeing the flood and fires and wind destroying everything.  people left with nothing but darkness and tears.
i was told my family is alright but many of them are without power, without gas, without food, and pretty much cold and stuck.  i cant help but think about those with small children unable to provide necessities.  i cant help but think about the elderly, those that rely on electricity for medical needs, and those that were in hospitals at the time this all occurred.  i cant help but think how i sit here and whine about a few mice in my house when people lost everything. 
im sad because that is where i grew up.  some of those sights are so familiar to me.  it's hard to watch people begging for help feeling ignored and unheard.
it is nice however, to see a city that prides itself on individualism and independence, coming together and helping one another. 
talking to family and friends the spectrum of damage is incredible.  for some, meh a few branches and trees in the street, for others, lost homes, lost businesses, no power for who knows how long, no food, and no heat. 
if you live in the surrounding areas and are OK, HELP OUT!!!  if you have the means i am begging and stressing for you to help.  it is devastating to think about what everyone lost and what they have to see and be reminded of on a daily basis. 
it is sad to see how petty i am as well.  there is much more to value than things and stuff and much more to be thankful for on a daily basis than we really are.  i know i feel like a real jackass.

wishing nothing but a speedy return to whatever normal you all can come to again.
love to the east coast.

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