Sunday, October 28, 2012

family... home.... hrm....

the holidays are coming... uh oh.  it always reminds me of this subject.....

i can be all sappy and rehash my less than perfect childhood, but really, who can't?
i feel like everyone i know has a similar story of how they were ignored, not encouraged, picked on, not supported, physically or verbally abused.... that endless list of really terrible things.

nights like tonight remind me how lucky i am.

i moved away from my family in NY in 2005 (who seriously aside from maybe one or two people, are the most amazingly loving people in the world that i miss terribly and wish purchasing plane tickets wasnt like getting sodomized via el bank account) to MN where i knew only a few people.  there have been MANY MANY good and bad people in and out of my life.  sometimes it feels like i have a revolving door attached to myself by how many have come and gone over the years.  but again, whose life isn't like that?  i feel like someone is reading this going "oh sister me too!"  i am really lucky to have a gym family though. 

here is a group of people who beat the crap out of each other 2-7 days a week and can come together for drinks and food and laughs and dance parties.  they help you move or bring you food just because.  they listen to your problems and offer advice.  they protect you and care for you and genuinely want to see you succeed.  they are by your side at tournaments and encouraging you until the end whether you win or lose.  they offer feedback and criticism.  they offer you a couch to crash on when you're not ok to drive home.  they come to graduations and weddings.  they want the best for you.

i feel like i missed out on that a lot growing up like many.  but i really am super blessed to have that right now at my gym.

and i cant forget work.  how could i forget work.  i help take care of 6 really diverse people.  each one is so unique in their likes and dislikes, their preferences and choices of activity.  each one is super special to me, even at their worst or when im at MY worst.  i also work with some amazing women.  they are thoughtful and go the extra mile.  they ask how you're doing.  they do a little extra to take a bit off your load.  they laugh with you and encourage you.  they cover shifts for you when you keep busting your body at the gym with your other family.  they cry with you through break ups and financial problems.  they laugh when your kid farts like crazy during staff meetings.  they make you treats and leave you notes letting you know youre appreciated.

i may not have grown up with super attentive or encouraging parents.  my sisters and i may not have gotten along until our later years.  my family may not have shown much appreciation then.  but i have that now.  i have a special place called NY that i can go visit once or twice a year and see these wonderful people.  i also have this place called MN where i am surrounded by the love i bet my family wishes they could provide audrey and i with all the time.  so yes, i may have missed out then and not have my blood family around me now to be with, but i definitely am not short of family here. 

i love you AMA and i love you Fallgold.  thank you.  i can't express enough how much i appreciate you all.  whether we are super close and you know my intimate details or we are just mere acquaintances and im just the doof that does crappy dance moves..... really i love you.

and NY fam, i miss you guys and wish i could come home more.  someone win the lottery please.  :)

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