Thursday, November 11, 2010

the idiot police

lately i have been more and more afraid driving.
people are just.... well, idiots.

here are some occurances from this week alone (i am not exaggerating ANYTHING):
-i was trying to get onto hwy 100s to get to work and a fedex express truck was trying to race me and not let me on (there was a lot of early morning traffic) and i almost ran into the concrete where the lane ends.
-i was stuck behind a guy in a fancy car who was trying to drive, drink a redbull and text.  ne2edless to say he stopped short alot and i couldn't get around him.
-i had a truck do the "switchsignal" move... A TRUCK- switched lanes and signaled while switching lanes..... a TRUCK!!!
-i was trying to get from the left lane to the right lane to make my exit for work and got stuck behind the lane shifter.... the lane shifter that forgets he has a signal.  needless to say this jackass got off on my exit which has 2 lanes that he decided to drive down the middle of.... then he got off at the same stoplight as me and would NOT signal that he was turning or anything....just random brake lights here and there.
-the 4 way stop lady.... there was a guy who was going straight to the left of me, i needed to make a left hand turn and there was a lady across the way who was going to go straight.  i got to the stop sign just a hair before she did.  i should have thought that she would be braindead.  the guy who was going straight had the right of way so he went.  then i decided to make my turn and she decided to go straight.... just as i was turning she decided to lay on the horn for a good grip... she was just a blip in my rearview mirror and i could STILL hear the horn!
-then there's the usual "tailriders".... the "one second pause stoppers".... the "fly into oncoming traffic"-ers....the "slowman in the fast lane"-ers...

i feel like a seinfeld episode with all these nicknames.  but i get so nervous still when i drive.  i'm terrified someone will be so careless and hit me from behind or on the side where audrey sits...

i wish people would just wake UP and be CAREFUL.  some of us have some precious cargo on board!

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  1. I need to get a bunch of those signs that say "Baby on Board" and put them all over my car. Ugh.