Sunday, November 7, 2010

you think by now...

you think by now josh would have gotten it....
you can NOT have guys over and drink late anymore!  more importantly, you can NOT have guys over and drink late on a SUNDAY!!!  you and your guy friends can NOT be LOUD when it's late regardless of the day because AGAIN i get stuck with a cranky baby!

i get up for work at 530....
i have to pump, shower, get breakfast, get audrey up and fed, get her dressed and get out the door to work.
i do NOT have time to alter my schedule and cater it to a stranger being on the couch...

sometimes i just dont think guys THINK!  you have a KID and a "wife" that goes to bed early and gets up early.... NOT time for parties anymore.

i am so irritated right now.  they are being SO loud in the basement which is right under audrey's room so you can hear EVERYTHING!  she is having a hard time sleeping tonight as it is so i am getting even more irritated right now because i am worried she is going to wake up.

i want to screeeeaaaaam!!!!!!

guys out there, if your wife is pregnant and you like to drink and have people over, understand this:
YOU need to take a backseat once your kid is born, step up, and HELP!  stop thinking of YOU and what YOU like to do and HELP!

i feel so burdened right now and have i mentioned IRRITATED?
i have been alone all weekend because of people and jiu jitsu.... i get to take care of audrey while everyone else is out and about because she's been sick.  i didnt even WANT anyone over.....
and now, it's sunday and we work tomorrow so, WHY drink so much that someone can't drive home??

plus, the LOUD VOICES in the basement under my kid's room are driving me NUUUUUTS.


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  1. Sounds like a family meeting is in order. Having a baby in your life is a hard adjustment. I think it's hard for guys too, even though they may not let on. I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with all that, and I sure hope Audrey gets better soon. = (