Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA go away!

i know they think they are being safe, but where does it end?
daily there are more and more horror stories of TSA agents taking advantage of their positions and being highly unprofessional in their job duties.  on that same subject, who implemented these new procedures as necessary and not public humiliation and a violation of our rights?
I am no political activist, but ever since having audrey, i feel like i need to watch out for her and protect her, and the new standards of preflight screening seem a bit unnecessary.

the strip search xray machines pose a few questions in my mind off the bat:
- are they safe?  they havent been around long enough to test the repeat effects of the rays.
- are they ok for kids/elderly people?
- why do they have to be SO lifelike and graphic?  why does it have to be an actual physical naked photograph?
- if they are supposed to be deleted after they are looked at, why are these private photos surfacing on the internet?  isn't this just like porn?
- why are the measures so drastic if you decide that because of these and possibly some other very good reasons, that you would like to opt out and not subject yourself to a naked photograph and potentially harmful rays?

the new pat down procedures also pose a few questions in my mind:
- why are the tsa agents administering these security procedures not screened more harshly before they are given jobs?  why are the screening procedures to get on an airplane more rigid and harsh than getting a federal security job?  (we have convicted rapists and sex offenders giving men, women, and children grabby pat downs.)
- why are there no exceptions to the "either body image scan or molestation" pre flight screens?  if youre traveling with children or the elderly or vulnerable adults, why is the policy not a bit more flexible? 
- why do you have to stick fingers and hands into/on places that are PRIVATE???  i can see a pat down, but why the need to give me a breast exam and pretty much "wipe me" with your gloved hands?
- why do you have to extensively pat down a child?  what is my daughter hiding in her diaper besides poop and pee?  you might find the squash from last nite's dinner but that's about it.  if a child is screaming and frightened and crying and yelling "stop it!" at a tsa agent, why hasn't anyone seen that something is wrong?

when is this going to stop?  i have to take a flight in january with audrey and it's either subject both of us to harmful rays or subject both of us to a public grope-fest.  she is my daugther and i live to protect her and keep her safe from any asshole that would try to harm her or hurt her or get their jollies off by touching her.  i'd break every last bone in their body.  yet the government in the name of safety has turned into a pack of perverts.  where does it end?  what other rights and freedoms have to be taken away next?

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