Sunday, November 14, 2010

the perils of the frosty white

i am not a winter fan.  God only knows why i left NY (the occasional winter hell-hole) to move to the great lands of MN that are wintery and cold for half the year.
BUT i did and here i am.
yesterday involved some non-stop flakes that were HEAVY.  very very HEAVY.  needless to say there are a few trees in our yard that have missing support branches that are scattered across my property.  there are worse things that could have happened..... i mean, it very well could have knocked our power out, but it didnt.
i have to say that the only thing i like about winter is the exercise.  last night i shoveled the stairs, the walkway, the sidewalk, the back walkway, the driveway (which is all grass and dirt) and part of the alley.  this morning i am still quite sore, but i feel GREAT actually.
another thing i love about winter is the ungodly amounts of coffee and hot chocolate i consume.  i have an excuse though- it's cold.

i hate driving in the snow/sleet/ice/frozen rain.  it's bad enough on a normal day with people acting like total buffoons, but with acclimate weather, people are more braindead.  i worry about someone spinning out of control and hitting my car and hurting audrey.  i would kill the person that harmed her.  i am not joking.  i would jump out of my car and go straight ax murderer on them... no joke.  see that ice scraper in my trunk?  :)

well, that's enough complaining.  my new car actually handled the nonsense quite well yesterday so i am a bit less afraid of driving in the snow. 
and my shoveling job is still in tact from yesterday which means that maybe, maybe, maybe, no more snow... for now.

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