Monday, November 15, 2010

ive always wondered

ive always wondered why people at work insist on taking personal calls in the bathroom and act like you are invading their privacy when you go in to "do your business."
ive always wondered how the person on the other end feels when they hear toilets flushing or someone passing gas.

i've always wondered why people are so selfish and cant see that by giving, you better everyone's situation.

i've always wondered why people with very large orders go through the drive-thru.

i've always wondered why bad things happen to good people.

i've always wondered why really inept people have jobs i am more than capable of doing but somehow can't get hired at.

i've always wondered why a job application will require experience in that field but most people are just starting out and have no experience.

i've always wondered how traffic starts.

i've always wondered why we cant just eat and eat and not get fat or have diseases.

i'm sure i'll wonder more but that was all for now.


  1. I wonder about a lot of that stuff too. I'm always wondering what the person at the way front of traffic is doing that is holding everything up. lol = )

  2. i wonder why i am so plagued with traffic irks these days. :)
    mostly i wonder about the bathroom thing cos it happens on the daily. i get the stink eye for someone leaning over the sink or the vanity in the bathroom at work having a full on phone call.... i mean, im in there to pee....

  3. Very strange. I have never experienced this. It must be specific to your place of business.