Thursday, March 15, 2012

change of pace... a 30 day challenge

no, im not going on a diet.  im not learning a new word every day or reading a new book a week.
im making it a point for 30 days to say something nice about myself.  i have a problem with really self-defeating, nagging thoughts.  what better way to squash the lies that be with some valid truths?

so day 1:
i am thoughtful.  it's cheesy at best, but it's a good place to start.  i like to give and make people feel special and important.  i am all about the small things and not many people are.  i take a look at audrey and how much i do for her not because i feel guilt or because i "have to" but because i just can't help it.  i want her to feel loved and special and important.  i like to do that for others.  i want to make sure other people are always feeling on top of the world.

so that's day 1.    i am thoughtful.

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