Monday, March 26, 2012

days 5-12: 30 day challenge

man i suck at being timely with this but.... i said im gonna do it, and do it i shall.

day 5: i am smart.  i sell myself so short but i am really smart.  maybe not in every subject but.... i understand a lot more than i let on.
day 6: i am peaceful.  i really just want everyone to get along and be friends and be happy.  i'll do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is ok.
day 7: i am accommodating.  again, i just want everyone to be ok, so if that means putting myself and my wants aside... i'll do it.
day 8: i am adventurous.  i like to learn new things and see new places and try new things.  im never content to just go with my normal routine.  i like and thrive on change.
day 9: i am selfless.  i don't come anywhere in my own life.  my priority is not myself.  from sun up to sun down i am constantly giving to everyone else.  i take care of my residents, audrey, my house, my school work.... i dont fit in and while that could be draining, and is, i think it is great that some days i forget to shower and eat because everyone else comes first.
day 10: i am creative.  i have a lot of silly ideas running through my brain and have no shame in trying them out.
day 11: i am helpful.  i always like to make sure everyone else's load is a bit lighter.  i always like to go the extra mile for everyone else.
day 12: i have a really sweet personality.  and i think that's what makes me physically pretty.  i have a big heart and let it show on my sleeve.  while that sometimes gets me into trouble, i think it is what makes me pretty though.  i just let it all show, hide nothing, and what i have to show is pretty sweet.

again, this isnt meant to sound braggy.  i really am just learning to love myself for who i am and what i have, not who i want to be and what im not.  this is helpful and is finally bringing me the self confidence i was lacking.

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