Monday, March 26, 2012

new state of mind

i knew taking a few days away from my daily life would be beneficial but i didn't realize HOW much until this afternoon.  i mean, granted i have audrey with me so im not TOTALLY escaped from my daily life, but with so much down time, im realizing a lot of things.

i have it very good.  honestly, i really shouldn't complain ever.  it may not always be easy, but i definitely have it good.
im really starting to like and believe in myself.  all you haters and nay-sayers can lick my left testicle.  all you liars and cowards and phonies can get in line to lick my left testicle. 
i don't need people like the above in my life.  the world is big and full of many people and i don't need shitfaces like that around me bringing me down or confusing me or leading me around blindly on an invisible leash. 
i'm better than all this.  i'm better than my own destructive thoughts and i'm better than what all the a-holes decide i am.
i am a strong, determined, driven woman and if that scares you, SEE YA!  i know what i want and am not stopping til i get it.  i also know what i DONT want and no longer am going to let it seep into my daily life. 
i may not entirely have my shit together, but im workin on it and getting there.  i may not entirely know who i am but i'm workin on it and getting there. 
if i stop talking to certain persons and you find yourself to be one of them, it is not because your shit isnt together because, like i said, im workin on my own shit.  it is because you have no desire to get your shit together, can't accept me for my shortcomings, or wont admit to your own. 

dear world, life is about knowing and bettering yourself, personal growth, and making the world a more peaceful place.  it's about doing good, being good, and speaking good things into existence.  it's about acceptance, love, and kindness.  if you have no desire for these things, i don't want you near me.  if you think im a loopy hippie, i don't need you near me.

im finally seeing the light and it only took 3 days away from home to happen.

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