Monday, March 19, 2012

days 3 and 4: 30 day challenge

day 3: im physically beautiful.  i have awesome colored eyes and freckles that make the hardest of hearts melt.  i have some pretty sweet tattoos.  i have a killer smile and my teeth are pretty ok for how much coffee i drink.  :)  normally this is where i'd point out what im NOT, but that defeats the purpose of this thing.  i dont need gobs of makeup to enhance my features.  in fact, i always get told how i DONT really need makeup which is fine with me because i'd rather sleep an extra hour anyway.  im curvy and apparently have a sweet ass.  im ok with these things and i accept them as true.  :)

day 4:  i have a great laugh.  i am TOTALLY OK with the fact that i snort.  i really don't care.  when i get excited i laugh and don't hold anything back.  i just let go and enjoy.  i chuckle, i giggle, i squeal, and i snort.  it's ok.  i love laughter and accept my laugh for what it is.... a part of me, which is great! 

this may sound completely narcissistic but i have always lived my life with such a self deprecating, self defeating attitude.  i never stop to consider what IS good about me, i always just see what im NOT.  so while this 30 day list of things about me i love sounds conceited, it is merely a tool to help me realize who i am and inspire confidence in my day to day living with love for myself by myself without needing anyone ELSE to confirm it.

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