Thursday, March 29, 2012

oh chick flicks, what have you done to me?

in a 90-120 min span, there is a dorky pair that have some dorky interactions, a "down point" and then magically, in the summation of the movie, find each other and are happy again.  90-120 minutes.  real life is not that quirky or enjoyable.  letting go of someone you found yourself caring about sucks entirely.  letting a desire go into the great unknown is super sucky.  here you tried to just "play it cool" with that guy you had a chance meeting with that seemed too perfect.  here you tried to just be what he wanted, someone that could just sit back and wait on him to figure himself out and see what he was about.  YOU FAILED.   your hyper puppy-ness FAILED and he has run for the hills.  it sucks.  i remember the fun few weeks where things were moving far faster in REAL time but felt right in MOVIE time.  then he stops, gets a reality check, and you can't seem to get your head outta the clouds.  all you can think about is that something is either wrong with you or he met someone prettier or more easy going.  all you can think about NOW is that every word out of his mouth is a lie and that he's just feeding you strings of lines that you want to hear so that he doesnt hurt or offend you.  you go to your "friends" for advice but the guy ones say he's a douchebag trying to spare your feelings and the girl ones say he just honestly does sound confused and needs time to himself.
all i can honestly say is letting go of someone you get along with really sucks.  letting go of a new friend cos you became far too excited and forgot that pee goes outside and NOT on the carpet is super super sucky.  maybe one day our paths will cross again and maybe it will be like the endings to all of those movies that lead me on in the same fashion.  those movies that coerce me into thinking that "LOVE" exists and that somewhere out there a dorky, handsome, thoughtful guy is into me and will hang out with me and have fun times and say all the right things at the right moments.  those movies are bullshit and i really need to stop watching them.  all im finding is that the "list" i drew up so as to not compromise my standards, the list of NON superficial and shallow ideals, is actually horseshit as well.  i havent had anyone fit these standards since i was 16 and 12 years later, i honestly was shocked and thought i might have..... but when your idea of a perfect person runs screaming for the hills because you say too many things and he is unsure of who he is as a person, all you can imagine now is that you are far too gushy or this person is a lie. 
i guess it's time to burn the romcom category in my dvd collection and netflix queue. 

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