Saturday, March 17, 2012

leave it to me

i am very good at effing up good things.  i run my mouth, get panicky, become a hyper puppy and piss the floor.... not on the newspaper.

im impatiently waiting on an answer that will dictate a change of course....
i ran my mouth so much im pretty sure i know it will be bad but for once i would really like to have this be a positive outcome.  im trying to THINK positive regardless.

im impatient at best and usually like to pester the heck out of the situation that im waiting on which usually means prematurely calling it quits, but this time, im trying to just quietly, and patiently wait.  it's not easy.  not everyone reacts like i do.  not everyone processes like i do.

and so i wait.  but i probably made a mess again.

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