Friday, January 11, 2013

my coordination skills are highly lacking

i kinda feel like life throws us curve balls to keep us humble and grounded.
but life, don't you know how uncoordinated i am?
i fall UP stairs.  i drop almost everything.
i have ZERO dance skills.
shit, i cant even play video games for this reason.... i mean like old school nintendo i kinda got after a few games cos like ya know there were up and down arrows and A and B buttons.  newer consoles are like 20 button controllers and holy shit i just dont get it.  i don't have those skills.
i cant drive a stick shift either.  too much goin on.  just gimme like a gas and a break pedal and that is plenty.
im not a good multi-tasker either.  i am the crazy lady with like 14 to do lists all over the place, be it in my backpack and purse, or on one of the 4 whiteboards and 3 calendars in my house...

so yeah... this situation im in came just when i was feeling ok.
just when i was feeling like maybe this year would be profitable and that there were good things on the horizon.
all good things have a price though, as dismal as that sounds.
hard times build character, right?
cliche, bullshit line but it's true.

i feel like ive been here before too.
i feel like dec 2011 i was in this same place of panic and fear.
i feel like i had the same horrid bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and had the same puffy eyes from crying in fear.
and shit, i made it.... i made it a full year because i have really amazing people by my side and backing me up and giving me a hand when i fall down.
this time, yeah my army of friends and fam is much smaller and help is limited, but.... i made it before and i can do it again.

so hey life, my coordination skills are highly lacking, but go ahead.... throw your curve ball.
i may miss.  i may lose.  i may have the crowd boo'ing me back to the dugout but.... ill just keep trying until i hit it.  and i may not even hit it far.  i may just tap the damn thing a few feet.  the point is, ill make it eventually.

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