Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a place of calm

so already i woke up today and some stuff that is pretty petty and frivolous is bothering me.
feeling butt-hurt about some things so far outside of my control had me beginning my early start with tense muscles and a sour face.
granted im physically so so tired, but....
i find that when these feelings hit me, i go back to last nite.
i go back to the calm that was nature and staring at clouds and admiring the most amazing sunset that looked as if the universe had painted me a custom portrait.
i go back to where the world around me looked so picturesque that i felt like i was in a movie.... i mean how could nature be THAT beautiful?

it reminds me to slow down.
it reminds me to put some things on the back burner and just appreciate life around me and to hunt down places that are that beautiful and serene.

at this point im like .... who needs meds and going to therapy when there's this?
there's a calm that comes over me when i reflect back to the overwhelming beauty i saw last night.
i don't want to forget that.
i want to carry that with me when im afraid or nervous or anxious or butt-hurt or sad.

so thanks universe for opening my eyes past the surface.

i always like looking into the deeper realm of things... kinda why im a science junkie. 
i love those national geographics on the deep sea and outer space....
i love looking past what i already know into what lies beneath the small fragment of surface that has been scratched and uncovered.

i love life.
there is more depth than we care to realize.
we get so hung up on the surface of things.
we get so hung up on what is visible that we forget there is so much unseen.
there is so much depth to life and to people that we shy away from ....
but once your eyes are opened and you see LIFE on a level a bit closer to the real scope of things....
it wakes you up in a way that you've never felt awake before.

i hope these images only further me on my life journey and never escape my conscious and subconscious thought pattern.

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